"To Witney and Cliff"

2011 | Wedding Card | Witney & Cliff

Style: Western & Traditional Chinese
Paper: 310 gsm card / fabric / velcro
Size: 105 x 300 mm

About the DESIGN

Witney and Cliff wanted to have a set of invitation cards that was used to spread the message of the couple’s lifelong commitment and also be a remarkable gift to invite their friends to their wedding party. These custom-designed wedding cards can be rolled up to a freestanding ornament, which simply looks cool on your desk or bookshelf.

The card set comes in two styles, Western and Traditional Chinese. Each card set consists of two parts: a background card and a foreground die-cut card featuring the cartoonised image of the couple. 

On the foreground card, the couple are holding different objects in their hands, which are attached by tiny nail pins and thus made movable. The hair of the characters is made of hairy fabric and so it gives a further 3D effect. 

When the 2D card is rolled up with both ends coming into contact, the couple are also ‘reunited’. This, together with the folded-up background card, could be a very nice decoration on your shelf. 

A package of card

1. Package with sleeve, background card and die-cut invitation card
2. Fold up the background card following the dotted-line
3. Roll up the invitation card