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"The Plastic Fish"  

2015 | Exhibition | Hong Kong Maritime Museum 


Artist: UUendy Lau
Year: 2015
Medium: Galvanized iron, Net, Bamboo, Plastic Bottles and Abandoned Materials


The theme of September 2015 was "Plastic Oceans". To go with this, we are invited to create a communal artwork with the participants making use of the plastic waste that the museum has been collected.

Date: 1 Sept - 22 Oct 2015
Venue: Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Theme: Plastic Oceans


About the DESIGN

Plastic is indestructible. Human beings manufacture 300 million tons of plastic every year with 8 million tons going into our oceans because of careless disposal. Plastic were thrown away into rivers or cast onto the street to be washed into storm drains and straight into the ocean.  Animals die ingesting plastic. Marine animals have been found suffocated on plastic waste and some others starved to death.

The Plastic Fish reminds us how the marine life suffered from careless disposal of plastic – the waste just goes directly into their stomach. The installation demonstrates how the fish, initially in white to present its pureness and innocence, is contaminated by different plastic wastes. Visitors are welcome to help “feed up” the fish by putting in their own waste and bottles. This action also reminds us the over-consumption of humans.

In order to get people more involved and contributed to this issue, we invited visitors to "finish" this communal artwork The Plastic Fish by creating an animal wave underneath to support the Fish. A series of bottle sleeves were created during the workshop to indicate the increasing number of suffering animals including seabird, sea turtle and sea lion. Visitors are taught to draw and make their own sleeve with creativity. Some of them expressed their concerns and opinions with words and slogan.



About the WORKSHOP

A Night in Museum - On the last Friday of each month, the museum stays open until 22:00 and it provides the public (adults mainly) a themed talk and workshop which is associated with the current exhibition. 

Date: 25 Sept 2015, 8-10pm
Venue: Hong Kong Maritime Museum