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Fancy making a handmade present for your bestie and beloved one?

In 5 easy steps you can create your handmade leather pendant necklace. It is a fun, simple modelling game but also a chic present for your love, or yourself. The DIY kit also comes with a message card where you can express your love in your own words.

To animal lovers, you no longer store the little animal figurines only in the display cupboards. You can wear them here and there now. They look very stylish with your outfits! ;)

Product: DIY Kit
Material: Leather & Metal accessories
Animal: Reindeer, Giraffe, Gorilla
Size: 10.5 x 10.5 cm

Does he/ she like a Reindeer? A Gorilla ? Or a Giraffe?


Now we will show you how to DIY the necklace. Get a pack of your favorite animal first!

Step 1 - Prepare the tools that you may need.

Step 2 - Open the DIY Kit and read the instruction menu carefully.

 Step 3 - Cut out the leather parts with a pair of scissors, and assemble the metal accessories by pliers.

 Step 4 - "LEAVE A MESSAGE FOR ..." by writing your words on the gift card.

 Step 5 - The instruction menu can also be folded into a 3D gift box.

 Done ! - The necklaces are ready to be sent to your bestie !


 Remark 1 - Use the sand paper to refine the edges of each part gently:

 Remark 2 - Use the little cloth to clean the edges gently: