UUENDY LAUa novel and original design laboratory. “Double U” is a unique recognition of our founder. It is not only a symbol of Double Happiness ‘ üü ’, but also a language strengthening the connections among individuals ü-ü . We are interested in stimulating discourses and conversation through art, design, fashion objects, illustration and lifestyle creations. One of the main themes of our projects centres on ‘animals’, a universal subject permeating all cultures, languages and lives, and they also correspond with our design principle emphasising 'interaction', ‘life’ and ‘surprise’.

Collaborators (Selected): Absolut Vodka, Lomography, TEDx, House of Vans, Lane Crawford, Times Square HK, Hong Kong Sharks Foundation, Ambassador of Design, Oxfam, Conservancy Association, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Timesqaure HK, House of Avenues, Milk, Champagne  Cattier, Fang Suo Commune, Apportfolio, Grace Vineyard, Detour, Olympican City, K11 Art Mall, The Little Prince, Bunkaya Zakkaten, UA Cinema, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Genki Sushi and more

Retail Partners: Ethos (HK), PageOne (HK), Triple Major (CH), Daydream Nation (HK), Amelie Street (HK), Common Ground (HK), Depression Shop (SG), Nana & Bird (SG), WOK Milan (IT), MO-Design (MACAU), C-Shop (MACAU)


(Founding Designer)

Wendy completed her Masters in Critical Design at Goldsmiths, University of London, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Design (Industrial & Product) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design. She is a multidisciplinary designer and artist with a strong passion for experimental art and critical designs. She never limits the medium of her creations and her works cover various disciplines of design to communicate with the audience including fashion products, graphic & illustration, artwork, installation, live-performance, workshops and seminars, etc. 

Wendy has been involved in a number of design events and exhibitions (e.g. as an invited speaker at TEDx, as an invited artist for both charity and commercial organisations such as Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Absolut Vodka, Lomography, Vans etc). In 2017, she was selected to take part in the Guandu International Nature Art Festival on behalf of Hong Kong. In 2013, she was chosen to participate in Hong Kong x Brussels Design Exchange Program (HKBX). Being trained as a product designer at the early stage of her career, Wendy also has the experience of managing product development, manufacturing and commercialisation of design projects, as well as curating exhibitions and activities for galleries. 

2017 | MA Design, Critical Practice, Goldsmiths, University of London
2010 | BA(Hons) Design, Industrial & Product, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Exhibitions (Selection)
2017 | "Guandu International Nature Art Festival 2017", Guandu Nature Park, Taipei
2017 | "Featuring Futuring", Goldsmiths Design Festival, London Design Festival, London
2017 | "Ping Pong #3", Very Hong Kong, Wan Chai Comix Home Base, HK
2016 | "Week 28", Here is Zine, Tokyo, Shenzhen & HK
2016 | "When I Am Turning 48", YO'HOOD, Shanghai
2016 | "Sick Leave Today", Ethos, HK
2016 | "The PRINT MARKET #02", Ethos, HK
2015 | "Tie the Knot", Magis, Central, HK
2015 | "House of Vans Asia Tour 2015", Central, HK
2015 | "Plastic Oceans", Hong Kong Maritime Museum, HK
2015 | "Triple-Major 5th Anniversary", Shanghai, China
2015 | "The PRINT MARKET #01", Ethos, HK
2014 | "A Green Hong Kong" by Conservancy Association, China Hong Kong City, HK
2014 | "10Cents Store" by The Black Store, PMQ, HK
2014 | "HOME", Fang Suo Commune, Guangzhou, China
2014 | "Timeless Childhood" by Grace Vineyard, HKCEC, HK
2013 | Detour, Central, HK
2013 | "ta' ta' ta' ", HK Brussels Designers Exchange Programme, The Egg, Belgium
2013 | "Ocean Art Walk" by HK Shark Foundation, Stanley, HK
2012 | "Hi Absolut" by Absolut Vodka, Guangzhou, China
2012 | "La Sardina Wardrobe" by Lomography, Sheung Wan, HK
2012 | "Back to Nature" by UA Cinema, Cityplaza Taikoo Shing, HK
2012 | "Triple Major Nomad Store", WOK, Milan
2011 | "Kaohsiung Design Festival", The Pier-2 Art Centre, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Lectures/ Seminars
2017 | "Artists Talk", Guandu Nature Park, Taipei
2014 | "Stationery Design and Product Packaging Vogue", HKCEC, HK
2013 | "Action 2013", Entrepreneurship Seminar, The University of Hong Kong, HK
2013 | "Pecha Kucha", Recyclart, Brussels, Belgium 
2012 | "TEDx Youth Hong Kong", Hong Kong Design Institute, HK

Projects (Selection)
2017 | "Re-Interpreting Human Rights", London
2017 | "3/4 Nature", Ethos, HK
2017 | "Global Connection", Times Square, HK
2017 | "Right to Conscious Socialisation", London
2017 | "Dialogue in the Globe", London
2016 | "The Best Way to Deal With Anxiety", Mak's Beer, HK
2016 | "Ping Pong #03" Publication, HK
2015 | "Love Revealed", Tissot, HK
2015 | "Postcard Exchange", Global
2014 | Popup store, POMCH, PMQ, HK
2014 | "The Year of HORSE", Cattier Champagne, HK
2014 | "Home for Dinner Meowwww!", Oxfam, HK
2014 | "S A L E at House of Avenues", House of Avenues, HK
2013 | "Little Pets for Kids", milkB
2012 | "Animals in the Zuu" Chair in a Pair, Bunkaya Zakkaten, HK
2012 | "Eiffel Tower in Amelie Street", Amelie Street 1st Anniversary, HK
2012 | Fashion Fest For Girl Runway Show, HK
2011 | "White Valentine's Day", Genki Sushi, HK
2011 | "Save the Marine Environment"Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

Workshops (Selection)
2017 | "Heck-a-Workshop", Art Promotion Office, HK
2017 | "Penpal Project - Exchanging Scenes", Guandy Nature Park, Taiwan, & Kubrick, HK
2017 | "A Story of Birds", Guandu Nature Park, Taiwan
2015 | "DIY Sk-8HI Vans", House of Vans, Central, HK
2015 | "Walking Animal Slippers", K11, HK 
2015 | "T-Shirt Transformation", K11, HK
2015 | "Fashion your Canvas", Vans & Lane Crawford Blitz, HK
2015 | "Animal Card Case", K11, HK
2015 | "Animal Mobile Stand", K11, HK
2014 | "The Little Prince", Olympican City, HK
2013 | "Eiffel Tower", Olympican City, HK
2013 | "Marine Animals", Hong Kong Maritime Museum, HK
2014 | "3D Animal Heads Accessories", Daydream Nation, HK
2013 | "3D Animal Heads Accessories", K11, HK
2013 | "Origami Crane Accessories", Fill in the Blank, HK
2012 | "3D Animal Heads Accessories", UA Cinema, HK
2012 | "3D Animal Heads Accessories", Lomography HK
2012 | "Origami Crane Accessories", K11, HK
2012 | "Valentine's Origami Crane", Bunkaya Zakkaten, HK
2011 | "Christmas Origami Crane", Bunkaya Zakkaten, HK