ANIMAL / “We are Family” / Handbag

We live in a world of complexity with its element, be it human, animal or thing, intertwined with each other. 
"We Are Family" is a collection of handbags with original, unique, exquisite animal-inspired design. The various species of animals was thought to represent the different groups of human race.

“We are Family” – Save the Bears. (Collection Special)
There is a belief that human's relationship and interaction with animals are unique but should be simple, inasmuch as we have appreciation and respect for individuals who are different from us.

Double-sided surface – Similar breed of animals with different skins
Removable chain for various functionality – Handbag /Clutch/ Cosmetic Bag

Product: Clutch/ Handbag/ Shoulder Bag
Material: Leather,  Gold-plated Steel chain
Animal: Zebra & Horse, W.Alpaca & B.Alpaca, Pug &Dachshund, Polar Bear &Moon Bear, W.Cat & B.Cat
Size: Around 300 x 300 mm in average 
(depending on the leather pieces)

Zebra & Horse

Pug &Dachshund

 W.Alpaca & B.Alpaca

W.Cat & B.Cat

Polar Bear &Moon Bear (Collection Special)

Capacity of the handbag