"Adven(a)ture Stencils"

2019 | Graphic Stencil Tools | House of Vans

We were invited by House of Vans Hong Kong to provide ten imaginative illustrations to be produced as drawing stencils for customers to personalise their Vans items at stores. 

The graphic was inspired by the fantasy of adventures in nature.
Adven(a)ture 01: The Escaping Fish
Adven(a)ture 02: The Free Castle
Adven(a)ture 03: Give Us a Hand
Adven(a)ture 04: Under the Lens
Adven(a)ture 05: Swinging Wave
Adven(a)ture 06: Watching the Sunrise
Adven(a)ture 07: Travelling with Birdy 
Adven(a)ture 08: One Has to Think BIG
Adven(a)ture 09: The Skating Rainbow
Adven(a)ture 10: The Unstable Coffee Cup