"Animals in the Zuu" Chair in a Pair

2012 | Special Edition | Bunkaya Zakkaten

About the PROJECT

Bunkaya Zakkaten is the very first store we worked with. It was also the first partner that enabled Wendy to run the workshops with a purpose of getting closer and sharing her ideas to the people who support her work. We had a crossover project that combined UU’s animal concept with Bunkaya Zakkaten ‘s furniture product. This was a successful attempt and it demonstrates the multiple possibilities of UU’s concept of work.

About the DESIGN

Statement: The project started with a need for a new design of the top of folding stools. In consistent with UU's belief about interconnections among people and things in life, a pair of stools with two distinct patterns of a zebra and a dairy cattle were designed to be able to free stand alone or be placed together. The two stools apply similar color scheme and the top board were specially cut with compatible ends that can join each other.

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