DECEMBER / Christmas Special

"Send me a Gift my Santa"

Separated two individual pins by taking off the chain
Sophisticated and delicate Haired body with movable legs/

A N I M A L (A)– Christmas Pin A

Product: Linked Pin
Material: Leather
Animal: Reindeer, Dog, Fox
Size: (W)2.5 x (H)2.5 cm for each item




A N I M A L (B)– Christmas Pin B

Linked Pin
Material: Leather
Animal: Deer, Penguin, Alpaca, Bird, Pug
Size: (W)5 x (H)3.5 cm for each item
Reindeer with Snowman

Alpaca with Gingerbread Man

            Penguin with Christmas Stocking

Bird with Christmas Tree

            Pug with Santa Hat