"Dancing with Nature"

2020 | Speculative Design | (Collaborator to be reviewed)

About the PRODUCT

Product/ Model: 
Dancing with Nature – A Healing Metronome  


In times of crisis and massive change, we may find ourselves overwhelmed with growing fear and anxiety, hindering attention and productivity as negative thoughts dominate and routines become disrupted.

Designed to serve as a therapeutic object, Dancing with Nature is a healing metronome that demonstrates an alternative pace of thinking and perform as an empowering probe that encourages users to reconsider their existing relationships with the nature environment, and explores new contexts for users to re-experience or reconnect with nature. Through an engaging process of observation, imagination and immersion, this prototype initiates a speculative dialogue between humans and the environment that inquires the curious juxtaposition of dynamic motions and rhythms choreographed by the respective subjects.

User Manual:

1. Switch on the product.

2. Listen to the sound and pick up the beat. 

3. Observe the distinctive motions: Constant and Impulse

4. Pay attention to the moments of their reflection. Take your time.

5. Imagine the probable and possible encounters with nature, until you find the most intriguing personal scenery.

6. Hold your mind. Immerse yourself in the context.

7. Press the switch to pause whenever you feel like.

About the MAKING OF

The energetic activity of nature induced by wind and the surrounding environment stimulates a self-expressive performance of choreography.