"Week 28"

2016 | Exhibition | Here is Zine

Amazing minds deserve to be read! The tri-city “Here is Zine” series began in Tokyo (Sept 2016), more to come in Shenzhen (Nov 2016) and Hong Kong (Dec 2016)!!

Phase 1 - Here is Zine . Here is Tokyo (Tokyo)
Date: 2-21 Sept 2016
HK curation supported by miniminigallery with Benny Au

Here is Zine . Here is Tokyo featured 50 creative personalities from Tokyo, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Each of us came up with a brand new zine creation.

Artist: UUendy Lau
Artwork: Handmade zine
Medium: Paper, Sticker, Fallen leaves, Fallen flowers, Tea leaves, Tape, Plastic sheet
Design: The zine recorded the daily life of myself and a cat, which I created, in the 28th week of a journey. It covered the stories of oneself experiencing Hong Kong in different areas including nature, geography, transportation, events, shoppings, food culture and street performance etc.

(Photo by Shenzhen Fringe-Festival)

(Photo by Shenzhen Fringe-Festival)