"Have A Nice Day"

2019 | Mural & Live Performance | HKwalls 2019

Selected as one of the artists for HKwalls Festival 2019 to create a mural in the neighbourhood of Wan Chai, a local area always infused with art and culture. A number of local and international creatives gathered in this vibrant district and worked at multiple locations on various architectural canvas, from walls and fences to truck and trams. The Festival was once again a huge success making (street/public) art accessible to all with the massive support from different partners including Vans, Hong Kong Design Centre, Design District Hong Kong and Eico Paint.

"HKwalls Festival 2019"
Date: 23 March - 31 March 2019
Area: Wan Chai neighbourhood
Headquarter Venue: The Clubhouse, 6 Stewart Road, Wan Chai
Festival Website: https://hkwalls.org/

Participating Artists: Chayapong Charuvastr (Thailand), FLUKE (Canada), Joker (Thailand), Muro (Spain), Priscilla Yu (Canada), San (Hong Kong), Stephanie Studzinski (Hong Kong), UUendy Lau (Hong Kong), Wing Chow (USA), ZMOGK (Russia) and more.


Artist: UUendy Lau
Medium: Wall
Artwork: Have A Nice Day
Size: 5 x 2.5 m
Materials: Paint

Inspiration: The notion started with a fish store in the Wan Chai Wet Market which the artist walked by the other day. She found that the fish kept in the water tank were so packed in a way that they looked really surreal. This somehow resembled the limited living space most people have in Hong Kong, the hometown of the artist. While trying to illustrate the absurdity in the daily happenings, she hopes the mural can lighten up our hectic life with a touch of humour.

Inside Story: Read every detail on the mural. Have a nice day! 🐟


(Site visit before painting)


Apple Daily
Date: 20 Apr 2019      Link: Here