2020 | Illustration (& Animation) | Islanders (Map-zine)

We are invited by ISLANDERS to design a map and a series of illustrations for the first four issues (#01, #02, #03 and #04). 

About the PROJECT

ISLANDERS (島民) is a seasonal map-zine that enquires into islands, their people and lifestyles to develop original perspectives on sustainable living. In the first year, it takes alternative investigation about daily manners of communal living and ordinary subjects on Peng Chau.

The map-zine is accessible and enjoyable with synthetised content, lightness and witty illustrations. The drawing represents the key elements to be highlighted under a particular theme of each issue. 

ISLANDERS is a research project supported by Design Trust Seed Grant.

Founders & Editors: Kit Chan & Myriem Alnet
Art Director: Studio Orbit
Illustration: UUendy Lau