"Layers of Layer"

2016 | Exhibition | Sick Leave Today with local illustration, music & beer

About the PROJECT

Living in today’s society full of concerns about materialisation, pollutions, politics etc, we all feel sick and depressed, regardless of our age. We are not generating problems, we just want to get our sickness healed. In this exhibition, we carried out different experiments with 4 senses providing an interactive alternative to deal with your problems – visual, touch, sound and taste.

Sick Leave Today Exhibition
Date: 20-29 Sept 2016
Venue: Ethos Gallery, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

About the ARTWORKS 

Layers of Layer 1.0
Artist: UUendy Lau
Medium: Acrylic, Galvanised iron
Statement: Problems are broken down into layers and levels. We analyse by sections and provide solutions to each of the problems.

Layers of Layer 2.0
Artist: UUendy Lau
Medium: Glass, Wood, Rice Paper

Sick Leave Today x Hita Music Platform
Artist: UUendy Lau x Derek Lo
Medium: Music
Download Hita on appstore/ playstore to enjoy the music while visiting our exhibition!

Sick Leave Today Exhibition Opening
Date: 20 Sept 2016
Venue: Ethos Gallery, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Drink Sponsor: Mak’s Beer
Music Performance: Hita

Artists: Vivian Ho, UUendy Lau, Sarene Chan, Kaliz Lee, Overloaddance, Leumas To, Wongszechit

(Milk Magazine #788, 25 Sept 2016)