2018 | Exhibition | Surface Gallery (United Kingdom)

An artwork in the postcard format hand-crafted for the exhibition “The International Postcard Show 2018” at Surface Gallery in the United Kingdom.

The International Postcard Show 2018
Date:13th Jan - 10th Feb 2018
Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK

About the ARTWORK

UUendy Lau
Artwork: Click-Click
Size: A6
Medium: Object and instrument
Materials: 1200g Cardboard, Thread
Statement: Postcard is often considered as an intimate object infused with personal memories of the writer and at the same time stimulating a private dialogue with the reader. It wanders among spaces of various dimensions - temporal, geographical and cultural, that carry the fantasy and joy. The traditional presentation of a postcard mostly emphasises the visual engagement with the senders, and/or the recipients. With a small, flat surface being able to be mailed by post, writing and drawing are the most usual approaches to decorate and finish a postcard. We want to challenge such demonstration and explore other sensory impacts to offer a different experience of cross-region communication. Arranged systematically with white threads that come with distinct lengths similar to a stringed instrument, Click-Click exists beyond the form of a postcard and provides a new impression of both documenting and recalling reminiscence with graphic effect, sound and haptic movement.