"The Urban Forest"

2019 | Mural | R&R Jewellery

An outdoor mural was created for R&R Jewellery, a local fine accessories shop located at a prime location in Central Hong Kong. Let's immerse ourselves in the curious forest full of wonders and imagination placing in one of the busiest urban scenes.

Some of the jewellery elements and featured designs of the brand are re-presented and reflected on the mural staging a curious and cinematic play, including Alexander the Great, Athena and her owl. The graphic is also embellished with the brand owner's favourite animals - elephant and peacock. The mural drawing has become a visual canvas that manifests and captures the fascinating narrative.

Shop: Rich & Rare Jewellery Boutique
Location: 60 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
Area: Main wall, Banner, Brand panel & Metal gate

Designer & Artist: UUendy Lau
Mural Assistant: May Wong

Materials: Eico Paint, Molotow

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