2019 | Publication | PING PONG The Collective Comics Magazine #04

“PING PONG The Collective Comics Magazine #04” is an annual publication of illustrations produced by several artists and illustrators from Hong Kong. "Field Guide" is the theme for the latest issue #04. Unlike the traditional way of publishing comics or zines which are usually bound like books, the edition contains different illustration works created by 8 local artists and printed in poster format on high-quality paper. The posters are folded and packed in a big sleeve which resembles vintage vinyl.

 Chan Oi Ying, Vivian Ho, UUendy Lau, Kaliz Lee, Charlene Man, Overloaddance, Leumas To, Wongszechit
Cover: Designed by Kaliz Lee

About the PRINT by UUendy Lau

by UUendy Lau

StatementWhite is the richest colour that contains all the visible colours of light in spectroscopy. White represents diverse unique spirits in different countries and races. White stimulates an infinite imagination space in art theory. The colour contains a wealth of content and research value from countless aspects besides science, culture or philosophy. The encyclopedia of “Whiteness” re-demonstrates the “whites” that are often encountered or omitted in daily life in the most basic and direct way of illustration. The project redefines the colour through a seemingly-impossible fantasy as well as amusingly-quirky forms to create extra, broader and whiter white.

This is an explorative art project that re-introduces daily (white) objects in the strangest, whitest white. Artists and friends were invited to give ideas 
of what particular white object(s) they wished to be. Many interesting thoughts and imaginations were collected and re-envisaged in the project.

Special thanks to dordor, Lesley, Lori, Suzie, hh, Heather, Roy, Heishing, Ken, pmfk, Kay, Lisa, Zip, Jess, Ted, Sophie, Grace, Andy, Leo, Johnny, Savanna & Sami.

About the PRINTED GOODS by UUendy Lau

"The Whitest White" Tape 
by UUendy Lau
HK$ 70/ roll

"The Blackest White" Tape 
by UUendy Lau
HK$ 70/ roll

"The Whitest" Combo Tape
by UUendy Lau
HK$ 120/ pack

About the MINI INSTALLATION by UUendy Lau

Artist: UUendy Lau
Medium: Illustration & Mini-installation
Material: Cardboard, Plastic, Acrylic, Clay

A. "WHITE is Tangible" Mini-installation 01 

Have you ever touched WHITE?
Re-illustrating the famous creation “The Great Wave” with the richest density of colour in white and the shadow it creates, the mini-installation encourages the audience to embrace the power and calmness of a particular moment frozen in the context of time. The white shapes the form of an object and makes it visually tangible.

B. "WHITE is Chubby" Mini-installation 02 

What's inside the WHITE?
It's the darkness that shapes the white. This is the white that makes the black spot perceivable. When you get closer, the black grows bigger to an extent that it eventually appears to vanish. The white is thus made visible instead.

C. "WHITE is Secret" Mini-installation 03

How do you describe the format of WHITE?
White merges the border between liquid and solid, softness and hardness as well as natural and polish. It embraces most matters and subjects.

D. "White Stories" Creative Diary 04


Ping Pong 4 (Ping Pong Collective Comic Magazine) Exhibition
5 - 31 January 2019
Venue: House by Kubrick, Taikoo Place, Tai Koo, Hong Kong

(Event photos by Tung Tung Tung)


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