Animal in the 'Zuu': We Are Family Handbag

We live in a world of complexity with its element, be it human, animal or thing, intertwined with each other. "We Are Family" is a collection of handbags with original, unique, exquisite animal-inspired design. The various species of animals resembled the different groups of human race.

There is a belief that human's relationship and interaction with animals are peculiar but should be simple, inasmuch as we have appreciation and respect for individuals who are different from us.

Each handbag comes with a distinctive colour of leather on each side, representing the similar breed of animals with different skin colours.

Product: Clutch/ Handbag/ Shoulder Bag

Material: Leather, Gold-plated Steel chain

Animal: Zebra & Horse, Alpacas, Pug & Dachshund, Polar Bear & Moon Bear, Cats

Design: All-in-one; Handbag /Clutch/ Cosmetic Bag with removable metal chain

Size: Approx. 300 x 300 mm

Price: 245 USD

Zebra & Horse

Pug & Dachshund

W.Alpaca & B.Alpaca

Polar Bear & Moon Bear

W.Cat & B.Cat