Since the early stages of our design practice, we have been deeply inspired by and drawn to the subject of ‘animals’. We constantly develop personal connections with other living inhabitants of our planet, and had created a wide range of fashion accessories and jewelries to express our love and curiosity for nature.  All UUendy Lau products and collections were produced in limited quantities. 

While we have shifted our focus gradually from merchandised goods to art and project-based design campaigns over the past few years, we still keep an online catalogue (archive) of some of our previous collections as they have made wonderful experiences and sparked reflective thinking throughout our creative journey.


With a careful study on the unique features of the animals, each member of the ' Animal in the "Zuu" ' jewelry collection is made using reclaimed leather collected from handbag factories and added with some delicate materials or etched with special patterns. These elements epitomize the characteristics and personality of an animal. Each 'animal' is also made lively with the movable joints, enabling its legs to 'crawl' and 'run'.


Who says only paper is available for origami? Replaced with leather, the crane gives a softer feeling yet more fashionable, and is also durable as a piece of jewelry. 


Check out the seasonal items for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day and New Year!