Absolut Animals

2013 | Exhibition | Absolut Vodka


"Hi Absolut" Exhibition

Date: 7 Dec 2012 - 6 Jan 2013

Venue: 4/F, 228 Tian He Lu, Grandview Mall, Guangzhou, China


We were invited by Apportolio to take part in the joint exhibition "Hi Absolut" and produce a new packaging for Absolut Vodka to celebrate their anniversary.

Artist: UUendy Lau

Statement: Absolut Vodka fills you with passion and wildness from your lips to every cell in the body. With a theme of the lives in the wild, Absolut Vodka should be enjoyed with a very chill and relaxed mood as if we are entirely caught in the nature’s embrace while having a real taste of vodka.

Each "Absolut Animals" box set comes with 3 bottles – this encourages consumers to bring them over and share with friends whether in small gatherings or big parties. The bottle top is covered with a 3D animal cap with corresponding animal print on the body of the bottle. The packaging box is made of cardboard printed with forest landscape graphic. There is a place-mat at the bottom which resembles a mini-grassland and it brings users an imaginative scenario of enjoying the drink with the ‘partying animals' while keeping the dining table clean.

("Hi Absolut" Exhibition poster designed by the organiser.)