Daily Routine in North Point

2021 | Map & Illustration | Hong Kong Art Centre & Via North Point


We were invited by Hong Kong Art Centre project Via North Point to create a two-page map and a series of illustration that features four local neighbours living in North Point. The drawing visualises several daily activities that each resident usually do in the community.


Graphic Design: Milkxhake (Javin Mo / Chan Wai Hon)

Illustration & GIF: UUendy Lau

Paper: TABLO

Printing: Jimmy Wonderland


Dimension: 56 x 35cm
Pages: 24pp, Folded
Issue: 2021 Summer Issue (July)


North Point is a fascinating location full of collective memories yet also undergoing rapid urban and socio-economic transformation, populated with diverse neighborhoods. The Project carries a key mission in empowering the community to envision a better future use of public space, and enhance the quality of living for North Point Residents. Together with the concerted efforts with the collaborators, Hong Kong Arts Centre design and engage the community with a series of participatory programmers and creative artistic structures to connect the new and the old areas in the district, building capacity on public space, celebrating the uniqueness of North Point and hence cultivating a sense of belonging and building the cultural citizenship through imaginations of urban spaces. (Text by HKAC)