Dancing with the Wind

2020 | Mini-installation | Hidden nature in Hong Kong


The project commenced with a curious observation on wind, one of the most invisible natural phenomena on the earth, along with a series of whimsical visions.

Wind is transparent but visually-perceivable with the motion made on other objects. Wind does not vocalise by itself but creates sound via the vibration of air particles. Wind is formless and untouchable but it comes to our awareness through our sensitive skin. We may embrace the same flow of wind but we develop personal feelings and give different responses to it. The relativity of wind in different contexts and encounters opens up more perspectives and possibilities to re-interpret the subject and its prominent role in the entire ecology and humanity – how wind co-develops with human evolution and emotionally interacts with each of us.


Artist: UUendy Lau

Technical Support: Hinz Pak

Location: Hidden nature in Hong Kong

Materials: Motors, Wire, Clay, Aluminium

Statement: The project enquires the force and fundamentally the existence of wind in relation to plants inhabiting the natural environment particularly on Peng Chau, a remote island located in the West of Hong Kong. The specific geological condition, half surrounded by the adjacent Lantau Island, brings a constant light breeze blowing gently across the small isle. Standing on the seashore and turning into the wind, we immerse ourselves into a cinematic living backdrop with trees swaying mildly, flowers bouncing up and down and grass whispering to others. An interactive scenario is synchronously projected where motions are triggered by, and sometimes in return triggering, collective collisions of air currents. The dynamic gestures inspired by wind stimulate a resonance between the aesthetic and therapeutic contexts and they resemble a theatrical dance performance on the stage of an auditorium. The spontaneous movements and tension demonstrated in an improvised dance performance echo compellingly with the fluctuating rhythm and intensity of a gale directed by nature. Speculative juxtapositions and connections are thus drawn between the vibrant presence of wind and the self-expressive act of choreography.

The project deepens the dimension of our ongoing art practice about nature and immensely encourages more sparkles and collaborations between art and science, emotions and dissection, hypothesis and analysis. It also remediates an ordinary topic in Earth science into a more poetic and engaging subject for the public to join and co-direct the discussion.


Dancer 001 - The Spiral

The dancer goes on stage. She turns around and around looking for her partner. Her partner likes to make unpredictable moves, sometimes intimate and oftentimes remote, and yet never stops dancing around her.

Dancer 002 - The Crisscrossing

The stretching arms of the dancer extend the line of body and lead our attention to every detail of the body movement of both herself and her counterpart, making the seemingly invisible context of tension apparently visible.

Dancer 003 - The Wavy

The fluidity of dance brings away the tightness and rigidity in the dancer’s body to create freedom of movement and interaction in a performance. The bonding between the dancer and her partner are thus gradually revealed and visualised.

Dancer 004 - The Embraced

The rhythmic steps of a dance presentation turn an unnoticeable scenario into a spotlighted platform offering an alternative lens to picturise and take a closer look at the curious, interactive patterns in nature.

Dancer 005 - The Outstretched

When the dancermeets the wind and perform together as a duo, they initiate a physical dialogue on movement, rhythm and aesthetics. When the little movements in a dance are deliberately staged and orchestrated, they become unique highlights that celebrate the natural activities in nature.


Research was conducted and documented through sketches and mini-sculptures to study the form and essence of dancing.