Meet The Farmers!

2023 | Key Visual | The Mills & In Time Of


We are invited by The Mills to create a series of posters and key visuals for “In Time Of Fair”, a local farmers' festival and year-long community campaign promoting homegrown produce and supporting artisanal crafts and handmade goods.

Programme: In Time Of Fair 

Period: Every last weekend of each month

Key Visual & Poster Design: UUendy Lau

Venue: 1/F, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, HK


Our designs consist of four distinct visuals, each tailored for a specific season throughout the year. Every visual highlights a curated selection of seasonal foods, showcasing a variety of locally grown agricultural products available and harvested during that period. Additionally, the graphics feature lively illustrations depicting community members engaging in various sports activities, some playfully interacting with fruits and vegetables. The creative depictions serve to promote a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle within the community.

Season 1 |  #Sowing  #Radish  #Broccoli  #WetMarket  #Stretching

Season 2 |  #Energetic #CottonTree  #Potato  #Tomato  #Football

Season 3 | #Wintermelon  #Longan   #Lychee  #Hiking  #RiceHarvesting

Season 4 | #Pumpkin  #RoundAubergine  #Taro  #Ginger  #Family  #Union


Initiated by The Mills, “In Time Of Fair” programme hopes to bring together local farms, environmental groups, and skilled artisans to explore new ways of living. The festival persists in integrating the bounties of nature into every facet of our daily life

Held on every last weekend of each month, In Time Of Fair is open to the public and invites independent creators involved in local agriculture, fitness, mental and spiritual wellness, as well as creators of handcrafted, natural, and eco-conscious food and lifestyle products. Categories range from fresh produce to organic processed foods, natural care items, eco-friendly wares, handmade crafts (for sale or workshops), floral artistry, plant cultivators, and cultural wares such as literature. 

The Mills is a landmark revitalisation project from Nan Fung Group since 2018. It transforms the company’s former textile factories into a destination for innovation, culture and learning. The project was inspired by the desire to reinvent the way we think about development in Hong Kong—to honour our history while building the future.

To learn more, please visit In Time Of Fair's page.

(Photo credit @ The Mills & The Mills Fabrica)