2023 | Illustration & Key Visual | Hong Kong Palace Museum 


We are invited by Hong Kong Palace Museum to design a new key visual for their public programme HKPM SHOWTIME!. Sponsored by the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, the programme collaborates with different performing arts organisations and artists to promote various mediums of music, dance, theatre and many other art forms, aiming to spark new dialogues and creative exchanges between Chinese and Western cultures.

Incorporating elements of clouds and mountains, the new visual hopes to highlight the dynamic and interactive nature of performing art performances. It invites the public to engage with a wide range of shows, fostering cross-cultural interaction and experiences. 


Sponsored by:  BOC (HK)
Organised by: Hong Kong Palace Museum
KV designed by: UUendy Lau
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The new HKPM SHOWTIME! key visual is featured on the programme poster, webpage and several show signage placements. Additionally, the visual is used in the House Programme pamphlet, which provides detailed information of each performance and profiles of the artists and performing arts organisations involved.