I Visited A Museum

2018 | Workshop & Performance | Tate Modern, British Museum (United Kingdom)


A series of mini-workshops to explore different approaches to interact with the audience coming to (and leaving) the museums and enhance their visiting experience.

Date: 5-31 Jan 2018

Venue: The British Museum, Tate Modern

Material: (Post)card, Marker

When we visit a museum or collection, we learn about the origin, the history and its concept. We have our viewpoints, feelings and countless imagination towards these works and artefacts. A dialogue is simultaneously initiated when we try to express our thoughts, whether verbally, visually, emotionally or spiritually. While most of the time we remain rather silent leaving the gallery space, our memory gets fading out gradually when time goes by. This campaign experiments some interesting ways of planning a more personal and engaging journey in museums and galleries, and sharing that with a wider group of audience in their social community.

(Takeaway Art)

(Takeaway Art)

Workshop A: Takeaway Art

The activity aims to stimulate more creative thoughts and possibilities about the exhibits and gets the participants to review, reflect and record their observations in different mediums.

1. Choose a specific artwork. Imagine an additional piece to be added to the existing collection.

2. Sketch/ write it down on a postcard to visualise your idea.

3. Put down your name, title of the original collection, the museum and the date at the bottom.

4. Place a stamp at the back.

5. Think about where it should be displayed to go along with the collection.

6. Leave it there.

(Takeaway Art)

(Takeaway Art)

(Takeaway Art)

Workshop B: Swap Art

The activity focuses on documenting as well as enriching the journey of wandering in a museum, and facilitates the cultural exchange between visitors in the community.

1. Pick a specific artwork that, in your opinion, represents the most of the museum/ gallery.

2. Draw a core subject/ object at the centre of the card.

3. Think of a pattern, or design one, to embellish the rest of the empty space.

4. Write your name, title of the artwork, the museum and the date at the bottom.

5. Get another card. Sign your name and address, and put a stamp on the corner.

6. Find a stranger and pass him/her the two cards. Invite the person to draw an art object on his/her next visit to another museum, and send you back the card with your address.

(Swap Art)

(Swap Art)