Let's Grow Together!

2023 | Mural | St. James' Settlement, Ho Man Tin HK


We were invited by St. James' Settlement and onebite design studio to produce a 45-meter-long mural adorning the exterior wall of James' Garden, a new transitional housing unit in Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong. To foster a sense a community ownership, a painting workshop session was also organised in the final phase to invite families residing in the estate to actively contribute to and participate in the co-creation of the mural that reflect their shared spirit and identity of the neighbourhood.

The building, formerly the Highway Department Depot and Training Centre, has served as transitional housing since September 2022 for families with young children in urgent need (or currently living in inadequate housing conditions such as subdivided flat or caged home) and is now operated by St. James Settlement. Supported by Chinachem Group, the wall art hopes to promote eco-friendly living and an inclusive community spirit. 


Title: Let’s Grow Together!
Dimension: 45M (L) x 4M (H)
Housing: James' Garden
Address: 23 Hok Yuen Street, Ho Man Tin, HK

Titled “Let’s Grow Together!”, the mural hopes to invite the community to connect with nature and fosters growth. 

The artwork illustrates various planting activities and stages: (1) seeding, (2) nurturing, (3) collaborating, (4) exploring, and (5) flourishing. These experiences demonstrate the collective effort of individuals from diverse backgrounds, generations and needs, all working together to cultivate an open and inclusive space where everyone feels welcomed and empowered to embrace a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. 

In a nod to the local landscape, iconic landmarks such as the Cattle Depot Artist Village and Hong Kong Coliseum are visually woven into the graphic, reinforcing its geographical and cultural connection to the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Operator: St. James' Settlement
Donor & Sponsor: Chinachem Group
Mural Artists: UUendy Lau (and assisted by Hinz Pak)
Paints: eicó
Architect (for public space enhancement): onebite design studio

(The mural can be found on Google Map.)


During the workshop, we worked together with a diverse group of local residents, families and volunteers to bring the final stage of the mural to life. Their participation and support helped realise our creative vision, and we extend our gratitude for their assistance in making this project a shared success.


(Colour palette of the project; tailor-mixed paints produced by eicó.)

(Day 1 when the wall was still empty, and we started to sketch and did some testing on paints.)


Walking along the external wall mural and approaching to the entrance of the residential block,  you will find the newly renovated open space with an engaging playground designed by onebite design studio. 

The new outdoor layout emphasised active design principles incorporated with vibrant, playful aesthetics. The area is seamlessy divided into three zones: the corridor, the community garden, and a multi-purpose space described as “The Open Table”.  To learn more, please visit onebite design.

(Outdoor playground photo by onebite design.)

(Outdoor playground photo by onebite design.)