2021 | PMQ SEED Programme 2021 | School Outreach (Senior Primary)


We are invited to be part of the teaching team of PMQ SEED programme 2021 Green & Me School Outreach (Senior Primary). A five-day design course is curated on the theme “(Make) Sense of Nature” through a series of experiential activities and learning probes that encourage students to apply design thinking and methodologies to complete mini tasks. Participants get to explore their own relationships with nature, learn to emphasise with the environment and thus reconnect with the earth.


The programme is structured into two parts – Experience and Experiment. The first part ‘Experience’ invites students to get close to nature with different senses (Immerse), make enquires on their observations (Understand), express feelings and learn about others’ emotions (Empathise). The second part ‘Experiment’ introduces different design stages (Define, Ideate, Prototype & Test) through various engaging workshops and the use of learning kits. Participants are divided into teams and they go through the entire creative process. They are guided to build physical models with hands-on materials and computer boards. On the last day of the course, students give a mini presentation to demonstrate their innovative ideas and share with other groups about their learning experience.

PMQ SEED Programme 2021 Green & Me School Outreach (Senior Primary)

Theme: (Make) Sense of Nature

Teaching Team: Milk Design, Stickyline, Amanda Yik, UUendy Lau, Allan Au

Participating Schools: Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School, Canossa Primary School, Methodist School, Tung Tak School

Period: Sept – Dec 2021
Website: https://pmqseed.org.hk/en/programme/school-outreach/


A set of teaching tool “(Make) Sense of Nature Learning Kits” is designed for the course. It facilitates students to apply design thinking and make creative documentations in their learning process. It includes play cards, worksheets, a journal and a name badge.

(Make) Sense of Nature Learning Kits

Designed by Milk Design, Stickyline, Amanda Yik, UUendy Lau, Allan Au.

Illustration & Graphic by UUendy Lau.

(Make) Sense of Nature Learning Kits

Design Journal & Worksheets

Play Cards