Mongkok at a Glance

2022 | Isometric Map | Urban Renewal Authority & Groundwork Architects


We were invited to create a map design and illustration for the Hong Kong land improvement plan "Mongkok Nano Park Revitalisation", a project curated by Urban Renewal Authority (URA) Hong Kong and Groundwork Architects.

Did you know that there used to be a ferry pier in Mongkok?

The map layout was thoughtfully constructed in hopes of reflecting the unique essence and micro cultures of Mongkok area through an interesting selection of subjects and urban scenarios. The graphic is a hybrid of merging scenes that highlight not only the gradual transformation of land use and infrastructure in the past, but also various restaurants and shopping cultures in the present century shaped by different local retail businesses that has been operating over decades, as well as diverse forms of public leisure activities innovated by the community.  The visual assets are supported by the extensive research on history and culture conducted by Groundwork Architects. 

The map was designed for the land improvement project's polling scheme and interviews to facilitate the local neighbourhood on envisioning how the next Mongkok park would and could be. 

Project by: Groundwork Architects

Supported by: Urban Renewal Authority

Map design & illustration by: UUendy Lau

As part of the polling campaign, the map was also tailored in diverse colour schemes to cater to various focused groups of interviewees, ensuring a personalised approach and creative investigation. The graphic was prominently featured on promotional items such as tote bags which were distributed as thoughtful gifts for the participants. It not only offered a practical takeaway item but also served as a reminder and reflection of the neighbourhood's rich heritage and distinctive identity. The gift items sought to instill a sense of pride and connection, fostering a deeper resonance between the campaign and the individuals engaged in shaping the future of the area.