M+ Museum Pre-Visit Guide

2023 | Illustration & Booklets | M+ Museum


We have worked with M+ Museum (Learning & Interpretation Team) and Hong Kong design studio Milkxhake to create a series of illustrations for the Pre-visit Guide that outlines the accessibility features of the Museum to ensure that visitors of all abilities and ages can enjoy and engage with the art collections. The project engaged different age groups and persons with disabilities to ensure that the illustration style, use of colours and graphic layout are designed to be universal and easy to understand. 

The 36-page printed guide booklet provides a brief introduction to the Museum, explains museum etiquettes, includes a diary documentation section, and explores social scenarios that may occur during the Access Tours and Workshops. Digital version is also available on the museum website.

Part of the Pre-visit Guide illustrations and booklet content was transformed into an animation video, which is now published on the Museum's social platforms. M+ is dedicated to providing an inclusive visiting experience for everyone, as we believe that visual culture should be enjoyed by all, regardless of age, ability, or educational background. Come visit and celebrate the power of art to unite and inspire!


Production & Curator: M+ Learning & Interpretation Team
Pre-visit Guide Design: Milkxhake
Illustration: UUendyLau

Photos: Winnie Yeung @Visual Voices
Animation Adaptation: @fishsoup0

To learn more about M+ Access Tour & Workshop, please visit www.mplus.org.hk/en/resources/pre-visit-guide-for-access-tours-and-workshops/