My Fragrance

2021 | Illustration & GIF | Aesop


Client: Aesop
Illustration: UUendy Lau
Date: July 2021

We are Invited by Aesop to create a mini series of illustration for their latest fragrance collection Othertopias.

A small display and our illustration corner have been set up at all Aesop stores in HK. Customers visit the stores, get inspired and express their personal thoughts with lines, shapes and colours. Below are three personal stories written by us that communicate our emotions and imagination stimulated by the scents.

A glass of brandy is poured out. It suddenly becomes waves which take the boat and myself on an adventure. I grab a labdanum with me, alongside some tools including binocle and compass. We are enjoying ocean sounds and slowly heading to the moon.”

I am cuddling a big piece of sandalwood which is my favourite natural element. I imagine myself flying pleasantly right above the ocean. I am surrounded by a mix of plants, seeds and other fresh ingredients.”

“I am sitting next to a giant Iris the flower. We stay together side by side, quietly and peacefully. We witness the beginning of a new world - a world that is beautifully orchestrated by nature who is willing to take care of all of us.”