Broken Pieces

2013 | Exhibition & Workshop | Hong Kong Shark Foundation & Ocean Recovery Alliance for Ocean Art Walk 2013


Title: "Broken Pieces"

Artist: UUendy Lau

Materials: Collected Glass bottles, Leftover fabric, Sand, Collected Waste

We combined waste and unwanted materials such as glass, plastic bottles and leftover leather to create the artwork "Broken Pieces". The artwork features an outline of a shark body with the team-up of individual little sharks. We used our skills in leather-making to create a number of 'shark heads' before placing them on each glass bottle in order to draw the viewer's attention to the problems faced by sharks. The fins of the shark are painted in red and they are detached from the shark's body. By doing this, we intended to highlight the problem of shark finning that is responsible for the rapid decline in global shark populations. We are also reflecting on marine pollution as the bottles are filled with rubbish and seawater. The contrast between our drinking water and the polluted sea water is highlighted by the use of plastic water bottles.

We enjoy spending time near the ocean because the waves and their changing colours have a calming effect. By participating in the Ocean Art Walk 2013, we hope to shed light on the serious marine environment issues we are facing and to inspire and ignite action and change. (Text: UUendy Lau & HKSF)


Date: 9 April - 24 April 2013

Venue: Blake Pier, Stanley

Artists: Kacey Wong, Kiwi Lau and UUendy Lau, Richard and Judith Selby Lang

The Ocean Appreciation Art Walk in Hong Kong is one of the features working in partnership with the HK-SF International Ocean Film Festival. It is an exhibition that brings together international and local artists and allows them to create installations that express their personal reflections and feelings on ocean appreciation issues.

The exhibitions will be scattered along Stanley Promenade, allowing visitors and passers-by to take in each artwork as they casually walk through the area. The installations will be large, inspiring and unique and cover a range of ocean-related topics such as overfishing and pollution. Art workshops will also be available allowing the community to get actively involved with the exhibition and expand their sense of awareness on the topic. (Text by HKSF)


A workshop was held as part of the exhibition to enhance public engagement with hands-on activities.

Date: 14 April 2013

Venue: Blake Pier, Stanley

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