Stay Chill

2019 | Graphic & Branding Elements | Oootopia & Groundwork Architecture


We were Invited by the local (social) branding agency Hinz and Kunz to provide several visual elements to be integrated with their branding identity for the client Oootopia, a newly renovated residence apartments.

Service Apartment: Oootopia

Address 1 - Kai Tak 18 Sung Wong Toi Road, Hong Kong

Address 2 - Tai Kok Tsui 8 Anchor St, Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong

Architecture & Revitalisation: Groundwork Architect

Branding: Hinz and Kunz

Illustration: UUendy Lau


In this project, we designed several characters (or elves) that demonstrate the vibe and spirit of the new community in To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong. These characters were printed on the corporate materials as well as various lifestyle necessities including tee-shirt, thermos, umbrella, slippers, cosmetics pouch and laundry bag. These items are provided exclusively for the guests who stay at Oootopia. A quote or a short statement is thoughtfully written to go with the specific character(s) on each item.

The characters were also widely used in the interior design, community area and directional signage in the entire buildings of the apartment.

  • Necessity 01: Tee - STAY CHILL

  • Necessity 02: Thermos - SAVE WATER, STAY HYDRATED

  • Necessity 03: Umbrella - RAIN OR SHINE

  • Necessity 04: Slippers - WELCOME HOOOME

  • Necessity 05: Cosmetic Pouch - My OOOSENTIALS

  • Necessity 06: Laundry Bag - STAY FRESH

(Photos by Hinz Pak & UUendy Lau.)