Open My Arms

2022 | Invitation Card | Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre (HKU)


“Open my arms and embrace the breeze.”

We are invited by The University of Hong Kong Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre to design a graphic card for their latest campaign “Nature Invitations” of the project Into the Woods. It is a set of ‘invitation card’ from nature that welcomes the audience to slow down, take a walk in the woods and reconnect with nature. A few tips (Dos and Don’ts) are included in the card to share warm reminders and facilitate a better visiting experience.

The cards can be collected at the Education Centre. (Address: 50 Kotewall Rd, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong)

Campaign website:
All artists and collaborators: Maoshan, All Things Bright and Beautiful, Humchuk, THE WIRED THINGS, UUendy Lau