2021 | Illustration | Being Hong Kong


We were invited by Being Hong Kong, a local quarterly publication to do a full-spread of illustration for their latest issue (2021 Autumn) on the theme of Tree-Community in Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong. There are a few streets in Hong Kong named after tree species, including Maple Street, Larch Street and Sycamore Street. How these streets are titled reveals the inseparable relationship between nature and our neighbourhood, and at the same time provokes more engaging daily interactions and further imaginations. The growth of trees also resembles the development of every community. Local cultures are established and shaped inward like how most tree roots stretch down to the soil. Meanwhile, individual residential zones thrive outward to make crisscrossing networks with nearby communities, just like most trees growing big and tall towards the sun. 

The graphic was commissioned by Being Hong Kong to make as prints. It is for purchase on BeingHK webstore.


When we wander around the Tai Kok Tsui community, we may notice that many of the streets are named after trees and plants, including Maple Street, Pine Street and so on. These street names reflect our close relationship and interactions as well as imagination towards nature as they inspire us to speculate further the stories behind.

Tree roots grow downwards into the soil to absorb nutrients, just as streets connect different residents, shops and spaces, interweaving between old and new and allowing different community cultures to thrive and be passed on. 

Tree branches grow upwards guiding leaves to absorb sunlight, just as roads bring us across different junctions to explore other areas in the city and spark more communications. Streets and trees interconnect with and interdepend on each other to develop into a better community.


樹根往下生長,深入泥土以吸取養分,就像街道往內連結不同居民、店鋪和空間,新舊交替,令各個社區文化得以紮根和繼續承傳; 而樹枝往上生長,引導樹葉吸收陽光,就像道路不斷往外發展,積極地穿越到更多社區,在各個分叉路口碰面、溝通、交流。 街道如樹木,樹木如社區,環環相扣,共同發展。 (by UUendy Lau)