The Bungalow in the Woods

2023 | Map & Poster Design | Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre


Located in a 130-year-old bungalow Grade 1 Historic Building, Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre (LFSEEC) was established in 2008 and is dedicated to promoting sustainable lifestyles and conserving nature through public programmes and exhibitions. It is sad to know that LFSEEC was closing down its physical centre in early March 2023. 

We had the pleasure to be invited by the organisation to design an illustration map and a poster for their closing festival ‘Lung Fu Shan Music Journey’. All neighbours and friends were invited to join and share wonderful memories before they moved out from the site. The closing event featured musical shows performed by ten local music groups and artists.


Lung Fu Shan Music Journey”  Farewell Festival
Date & Time: 5 March 2023, 2-8pm
Venue: LFSEEC, 50 Kotewall Rd, Mid Levels, HK
Organiser: Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre (
Map & Poster Design:  UUendy Lau
Music Curator: Fragrant Village 


Story #6 - “Most of the plants at the centre garden are looked after by our education ambassadors. After the hard work, everyone sits together to enjoy snacks with fruits of their labour: the harvested butterfly pea tea.”

Story #9 - “The Common Red-stem Fig was planted 30 years ago by former resident and landscape architect Stephanie Crockett. We have the figs to thank for the frequent visits of our animal neighbour like porcupines, wild boards and ferret badgers.” 

The map-leaflet shows the Grade I historic white bungalow (built in 1890), alongside two adjoining small buildings and the surrounding garden space. It also features nine mini-stories and interesting facts about the Centre's architecture, history and people (including former residents, staff, visitors, and animals!). 

All the stories and writing were provided by LFSEEC, and all the illustrations and visual design were created by UUendy Lau.

Thank you LFSEEC team for all the meaningful exhibitions and programmes they produced in the past 15 years. It is our pleasure to be part of the farewell festival and we absolutely enjoyed creating this map as a beautiful memory for all of us!