The Hand Portrait

2020 | Illustration


The Hand Portrait is an extended micro-project of The Comfort Hand Family. Our hands reflect who we are, and sometimes divine what we will be. The project provides hand-portrait drawing service for any hand you share with us. Each portrait will be hand-drawn on an art postcard.

Welcome to the new age palm-reading, (re-interpreting, drawing or creating)!

Postcard: A6 in size, 1000 gsm

Price: USD 14/ HKD 100 per card


  1. Place your order below.

  2. You will then receive our email confirmation within 2 working days.

  3. Email us a photo of your hand, your name. You may also include a title for your hand. (If not, we will give one to you.) Please note that we only accept one hand per portrait.

Email subject: The Hand Portrait - [Insert Your Name]

  1. It takes us 5-7 working days to finish your hand portrait.

  2. The portrait will be sent to you via mail. We ship worldwide!


Let's e-meet other hand-friends and say hello! Don't be shy and share your hand portrait with the hand-community!

"Always Creative"
Miun (Singapore)

"Tea Lover"
Anna.F (Germany)

"Dor UU"
Dordor (Hong Kong)

"Very Bored"
Paige (Hong Kong)

"Human Touch"
Iris (Hong Kong)

Jason (Hong Kong)

"It's Crazy"
Grace (Hong Kong)