Out of My Mind

2016 | Exhibition | The Print Market #02 | Ethos

The Print Market was back! We were extremely thrilled to be part of it (again!) in the second edition presenting the printed works, posters, and other products produced by nine Hong Kong based talented people and aiming to promote local and independent graphic designers, illustrators and artists.


We created a new series of illustrations to share our experience and stories of hiking in leisure time.

  • Print 001: Our of My Mind 1.0

  • Print 002: Our of My Mind 2.0

  • Postcard Set (6 postcards): Out of My Mind Postcard Set (Featured characters include Monkey, Hairdresser, Tapir, Hedgehog & Thinker and Peacock)

  • Sticker Roll (31 graphics): Imaginative Walk


  • Print: 85 USD (unframed)

  • Postcard Set: 16 USD

  • Sticker Roll: 11 USD

Print 001: Our of My Mind 1.0

Print 002: Our of My Mind 2.0

Sticker Roll: Imaginative Walk

Postcard Set: Out of My Mind Postcard Set



Date: 20th - 29th Feb 2016

Venue: Ethos Store, 99 Hill Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Participating Artists: Ronan Leung, Emily Eldridge, UUendy Lau, Winnie Ng, Lokz Phoenix, Yawn Studio, FuFu, FuFu Studio, Pearl Law Illustration, onion peterman, Patrick Kim-Gustafson, Tania Willis : Small Editions, Emilie Sarnel, Ben, Jim and the Mechanical Pen.