Love Revealed

2015 | Collaboration & DIY Kit | Tissot

We were invited by TISSOT to design a Christmas Package Box Set for their newly launched Tissot Couple Watches (2015 December).


Nothing could be more obvious than a HEART to show your love and care. Highlighting the joyfulness and warmth created by the Christmas atmosphere, we have chosen the Reindeer and Polar Bear to be our couple characters in this project. When they stay together, like the moment you spend with your beloved one, LOVE reveals with an intimate surprise.

Please download and print the material here:

Polar Bear -

Reindeer -

In this collaboration, we work with Apple Daily to produce a step-by-step demonstration video. Apple Daily is one of the leading media channels and they are the appointed media partner to feature this exclusive collaboration.


Tools: Scissors, Cutter, Ruler, Crimping pen, Adhesive tape, Printed materials

Step 1: Cut along the solid lines

Step 2: Put some adhesive tape on indicated areas. (Grey for Polar Bear; dark brown for Reindeer)

Step 3: Make the creasing line along the dotted line with a crimping pen.

Step 4: Combine the two parts.

Step 5: Fold along the creased line to create 3D volume.

Step 6: Put in your gifts :) Done!