Books of Global Adventure

2009 - Present | Book Art | UUendy Lau Travelling Logbooks


We love travelling and we love sharing. Alongside initiating our “Postcard Exchange” project, we also archive our travelling experience with the “Books of Global Adventure”, a set of travelling logbooks handmade by ourselves. We demonstrate another way to sketch and record what we saw, who we met and where we explored in other cities besides Hong Kong.

In every journey, we like to visit museums, design shops, little (vintage) stores, flea-markets, cafes, and have a little taste of the nature away from urban areas. Feel free to come to us if you want to know more!

- Logbook of JAPAN 2009 -

Tokyo, Kyoto, Aomori

- Logbook of EUROPE 2013 -

Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome, Vatican, Florence, Pisa, Milan, Prague

- Logbook of USA 2014 -

New York, Buffalo, Orlando, Key West, Miami, San Francisco

- Logbook of KOREA 2014 -