When I Am Turning 48

2016 | Exhibition | YO’HOOD (Shanghai)


Artist: UUendy Lau

Artwork: When I Am Turning 48

Medium: PU, Wood, Canvas

One surface as a period of time; one side as a thought of mind. We see everything a combination of dots, lines and shapes. Arriving the age of 28, we start questioning our views to the things surrounding us. A poems was written and imprinted on the side of canvas:

When I was 8, I saw lines, I saw noodles, I saw hair, I saw snake, I saw ribbon, I saw shoelace.

When I am 28, I see dots, I see mole, I see pepper, I see sand, I see dust, I see pimple, I see nipple, I see star, I see ants, I see rice, I see beans, I see raindrops.

When I am turning 48, I will see shapes, I will see pizza, I will see the moon, I will see orange, I will see eyeball, I will see coins, I will see grapes, I will see basketball, I will see cookies, I will see button, I will see the sun, I will see coaster, I will see fishball, I will see balloon, I will see condom.


YO’HOOD 2016

Date: 15-17 Sept 2016

Venue: YO’HOOD, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre, Shanghai

YO’HOOD is a trade-show and exhibition showcasing designer brands and the latest fashion trends. More than 150 brands and parties were featured this year through different mediums including fashion show, market, interactive installations and more.