The Love Undersea

2012 | Wedding Accessories Set | For Michelle and Kwok Toto


Michelle and her husband are big lovers of scuba diving. When she shared with us her romantic story, it was inseparable from the ocean. The couple also has an affection for the whale sharks and they once swam with them underwater in the Australian sea. While enjoying listening to her stories, we already knew that the couple would love the idea of a special ‘undersea’ wedding and so we created a set of accessories that tell everyone about their fairy tale.

Bride: Necklace - coral reef surrounded by the lively marine animals

Outfit - Vera Wang

Groom: Brooch of a captain diver

Bridesmaids: Brooches of marine animals including butterfly fish, dolphin, sea star or sea horse

Bestmen: Brooches of a diver crew members

Page boy & Flower girl: Brooches of clownfish


Statement: The story begins..

Captain Diver (the groom) was leading his crew members (the best men) to explore the beauty of the underwater world. They moved around and searched around. Suddenly, they were attracted by a magnificent scene – a group of marine animals including fishes and a whale shark was dancing around the coral reef (the bride).

Today seemed to be a special day in the ocean world and the crew had just come in time. Following other marine animals (the bridesmaids, the flower girl and the page boy), the divers joined the big celebration, singing and dancing in the sea. The captain and the coral reef found themselves falling in love with each other. . .

(Photos from Michelle.)