Bike Coffeeman

2021 | Illustration | Bike Coffeeman

(Meet Yat, the founder of Bike Coffeeman.)


We were invited by Bike Coffeeman, a Peng Chau ‘kaifong’ and barista to do a few illustrations for their coffee products.

Client: Bike Coffeeman 騎住鳳凰沖咖啡
Illustration: UUendy Lau
Date: Feb 2021

Both Yat of Bike Coffeeman and our team agreed that Phoneix (the bike & the legendary bird!) and Yat himself hand-brewing coffee had to be the key visual because that’s part of his brand identity.

We still remember when we first met Yat last year, he was riding his signage Phoneix bike carrying a basket full of cold brew coffee. Sometimes he wanders along the foreshore near the pier. He always wears a tank top in summer and has a sweat towel on his neck.

When Yat starts making coffee and grinds the beans (that he roasts on Peng Chau!), he becomes very quiet and focused right away like he is about to give a ‘coffee ceremony’. We don’t want to interrupt him until the coffee is ready. We usually just sit back and relax to wait for the drink.