Dreamcatcher Workshop

Collaborating Party:

Oct 2021 |  The Mills

We were invited by The Mills (Nan Fung Group) to run a public workshop alongside our exhibition "Happy Birthday to Tree" on natural dye from the year-long project "Colours of the Earth". 

Dreamcatcher symbolises guardianship. It is believed to guide pleasant dreams for sleepers while shielding you against bad nightmares. Traditional dreamcatchers are usually hand-woven with willow branches and ropes. Matching with different decorations, unique kinds of energy are represented. Colours are also added to express various emotions. 

During the Workshop, participants will be introduced to the way to design and weave a mini dreamcatcher of their own, using natural materials such as branches and leaves, as well as applying indigo dye on it. Incorporating modern craftsmanship and meanwhile exploring the prospect of design and art,  the Workshop hopes to interact with nature in a distinctive way.

Participants are welcome to bring their used clothes (those in light colours are more suitable for indigo-dyed) and other natural materials to use in the Workshop. Wearing dark colour clothes are recommended for indigo dyeing session.

Materials: Cotton Cloth, Cotton Rope, Bamboo Strips, Fallen Leaves, Dead Branches and Paper

Tools: Glue, Pliers and Scissors.

We have nonscheduled workshops. Feel free to contact us if you form a group of 8 or more. Send us an email at info@uuendylau.com .