My Nature, My Home

2014 | Exhibition | Fang Suo Commune 方所 (Guangzhou, China)


Artist: UUendy Lau

Materials: Wood, Leather

Home gives us an intimate feeling and impression of comfortability, coziness and delight. With the extraordinary love towards animals, we hope to bestow lives on objects surrounding us by turning every single piece of furniture into different animal characters. “My Nature, My Home” is created to be like living in the forest and having wildlife as private companies.

With the characteristic and personality of each animal, we designed a series of furniture figures to illustrate our thoughts and deep affection for our living environment. We hope to present our most optimal home to you. Welcome to “My Nature, My Home” and please help yourself.

"My Nature, My HOME" includes:

Model 1: Giraffe the Hanger Stand

Model 2: Alpacas the Chairs

Model 3: Octopus on Chandelier

Model 4: Zebra & the Bookshelf in Stripes

Model 5: Reindeer the Trophy

Model 6: Dairy Cattle the Table


Date: 4 Jul - 10 Sept 2014

Venue: Fang Suo Commune, Taikoo Hui, 383 Tianhe Rd, Tianhe, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Participating Artists: 劉小康 (Freeman Lau),姚瑞中,梁美萍,三生,李果樺,黃偉傑,王佩瑄,許喬彥,劉景雯 (UUendy Lau),楊瀚橋,曾瓊德

The exhibition hopes to probe into the relationship between space and human habitat. Ten Asian artists and designers were invited to present their interpretation of “Home” with their unique sense of aesthetics and creativity.

The exhibition provided an unusual experience for visitors to study and revalue the basic essential of their life from different aspects and scale of “Mini-Home”. It reminded them the significance of family, memory and emotion.

(Exhibition poster designed by the organiser.)