Have A Nice Dream

2023 | Textile Installation | Re:Fresh & Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service


We are invited by Re:Fresh again to create a new collection of art installations that explores mental well-being and emotions that emerge when we suffer from insomnia. 

The exhibition focuses on the topic that concerns everyone’s wellness - sleep, and dreams. We learn that sleeplessness is normal and there are ways to cope with worries and chains of thoughts at night. Dreams are indispensable to sleep. 


The concept draws inspiration from the idea of “Message in a Bottle”. We put our dreams in bottles, so we can record our thoughts and express negative emotions creatively. On the other hand, it also encourages us to hold onto our aspiration and pursue them toward a brighter future. The varied shapes of the bottles symbolise the diversity of our dreams and the individuals who hold them.

“Thanks for being around when insomnia makes a visit.”

The artwork illustrates a person who is trying to learn to embrace the experience of insomnia through a mini-self. It assures us that occasional sleeplessness is a normal part of life and that’s okay. The creation encourages us to acknowledge these emotional moments and reminds us that we are not alone in our journey. There is always a companion who empathises and stands by us, offering support and understanding in moments of restlessness.

I enjoy working out to be a healthier me.”

The artwork illustrates a person who allocates time for self-care and personal well-being amidst the demands of busy work during the day, so that one may enjoy restful sleep at night. It revolves around the ideas of maintaining healthy diets and enjoying regular exercise, considering them not as boring assignments but personal moments for mental and physical renewal to cultivate a healthier version of ourselves. It also demonstrates that a healthy lifestyle can be playful and light-hearted too, as long as we learn to find joy in it.

Worries, troubles, ideas, whatever... Come fly with me!

The artwork illustrates a person being guided by a flying fish in the sky, effortlessly gliding past the chaos of cluttered thoughts. It encapsulates the essence of freedom and liberation from anxiety so that we may sleep without worries. The design invites us to imagine a realm where we can temporarily leave our burdens behind and enjoy the carefree spirit that brings us calm and serenity. 

May our dreams,and daydreams, come true.

The artwork illustrates a persons’s affinity for daydreaming, capturing the essence of turning the impossible into possibilities through the limitless world of imagination. The giant cat's companionship adds an element of comfort and warmth, enhancing the overall sense of happiness, contentment and energy, while the rainbow serves as a visual metaphor for our goals and the pursuit of a fulfilling and purposeful future filled with hopes and optimism.


Period: 3 June - 26 August 2023
Venue: Room 2201, 22/F, 250 King's Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong
Exhibition site: www.refresh.bokss.org.hk/tc/special/Sleep-Exhibition
Organised by: Re:Fresh
Curated by: Dr. Poyan Yee

Artist: UUendy Lau
Size: 7M x 1.5M x 0.4M
Materials: Fabric, acrylic,  marker, canvas
01 - “I enjoy working out to be a healthier me.”
02 - “Thanks for being around when insomnia makes a visit.”
03 - “Worries, troubles, ideas, whatever... Come fly with me!”
04 - “May our dreams, and daydreams, come true.” 

Re:Fresh is a community platform that offers support and services on mental well-being and managing emotions.


As part of the exhibition, four eye mask designs are produced as gifts for visitors who attended the exhibition or participated in the workshop. Each eye mask features the graphic that directly correlate with the four key messages explored through the artworks. 

The eye masks not only provide a practical and delightful token for visitors but is also an extended object of the exhibition's theme, allowing the audience to carry a piece of the comforting experience with them, even after they leave the event.


You may have written a wish, put it in a bottle and thrown it into the sea, or you may have picked up someone's message in a container by the beach. “Worries in a Bottle” invites visitors to write down or draw their worries, dreams or any thoughts on a card. All messages will be “sent away to the ocean” (metaphorically) and to someone who would love to listen and share with you.