Homemade Delicacies

2023 | Illustration & Thermal Bag | Pak Fook®


We are invited by Pak Fook ® of Nestlé group to design a series of illustrations for the company's sustainable campaign. The visual concept seeks to express the essence of home and the taste of homemade meals. 

The illustrations depict a variety of dishes crafted using tofu-based ingredients, and remind us the comforting flavour of home-cooked recipes. Additionally, it showcases Hong Kong's rich and mixed culinary culture while emphasising the company's commitment to local production with high standards. These graphics are prominently featured on giveaway thermal insulation bags, serving as a visual cornerstone of the campaign's messaging on sustainability

Pak Fook® has accumulated over 30 years’ experience and wisdom in creating taste of quality soya products without preservative. The soybeans and plant motifs on the bag represent elements such as additive-free ingredients, freshness and environmental consciousness, highlighting the connection between fresh ingredients and and healthy eating.

Client: Pak Fook ®

Illustration: UUendy Lau