Housing Well·Being

2023 | Illustration & Map | Housing Well·Being HK & HK Housing Authority


We were invited by Housing Well·being HK to created several illustrations and a map to facilitate the project’s community engagement programme, which has toured 15+ housing estates in the last few months to initiate dialogues with local residents and gather their thoughts on public spaces and infrastructure. 

The map features eight neighbourhood topics, including (1) Transportation, (2) Estate Building, (3) Circulation, (4) Podium, (5) Shopping Centre, (6) Community, (7) Open Space and (8) Special Features, which serve as guiding inspirations and inquiries to foster public discussions during the touring workshops and activities.

Deliverables: Illustration & A1 Map

Project: Housing Well·being HK & HK Housing Authority
Concept: Neighbourhood Innovation Lab, Jenny Choi
Illustration & GIF: UUendy Lau

(Workshop photo by Housing Well·being HK)