2020 | Illustrative Photographs | Unknown Asia Art Exchange Osaka



In times of massive change and uncertainty, we may feel frustrated with negative emotions and growing anxiety. We are unsure about our future and how the world may change, or to some extent, deteriorate. We seek calm, express feelings and want to be empowered. 

Nature never judges nor abandons us. When we go back to nature, we begin to see our place and value in the world. We come forward and we observe. We touch gently and we hold tight. We become part of the natural landscape. Eventually, we understand that we are all equal. We are indeed no more significant than any other matters, not twigs, leaves or soil. Now, we learn to embrace, to communicate and to love.

Artist: UUendy Lau

Project Title: HUMAN TOUCH 

Media: Illustrative Photography

Materials: Natural resources in artist’s garden

Invited for Exhibition: Unknown Asia Art Exchange Osaka 2020

Nominated by: Benny Au

“I hug you like there’s no tomorrow. And I take you in my arm like you are the only one left in the world.”
(001 - Rue)

“I close my eyes and try to feel every bit of you. There are no words that can describe the moments of pleasure when I’m with you.”
(002 - Orchid Tree seed pod) 

“I want to get to know you, from top to bottom, from beginning to end.”
(003 - Chili pepper) 

“There’s nothing else I would rather do right now, except cuddling you while we talk about our future.”
(004 - Sago palm)

“Listen to me. I see you as my unique partner in the longest relationship I will ever have.”
(005 – White stone)

“When I put my arms around you, we become one. We stay close together and take care of each other no matter what.”
(006 - Garden Croton) 

“A simple, gentle touch says so much more. It is a beautiful dialogue that communicates with you physically and emotionally.”
(007 – Bougainvillea)

“I was shy and I didn’t say much at first. And then I met you. I feel comfortable and I realise I don’t have to say much.”
(008 – Chili pepper twigs)

“When I hug you, I don’t just use my arms. I use my body and my heart too.”
(009 – Unknown green leaves )

“You teach me to accept who I am and to love every single part of my body – flaws and all. I will learn because I want the same for you.”
(010 – Mixed dead leaves)


Unknown Asia Art Exchange Osaka 2020

Date: 11 Dec 2020 VIP Preview; 12 – 13 Dec 2020 Open to Public 

Time: 10am – 8pm (JST)

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Organiser: Unknown Asia

Presented by: Kiyo Bank_Koho


The other day I was finding the tree, my tree, to make personal connections with.