Island Bee & Bee

2023 | Logo, Map & Illustrations | Island Bee & Bee & Inter-Island Festival


We are invited by Island Bee & Bee to design a set of graphic materials for the project, which is part of the Inter-Island Festival – an art and life event that celebrates and builds upon the rich and varied cultures of living by the inter-island sea on Peng Chau, Mui Wo, Chi Ma Wan and Cheung Chau. 

We have created logo design, maps with illustrations, caption boards and a few directional signs.

Project: Island Bee & Bee
Organisers: Roger Lee, Lantau Shanto Studio, YIWOOO.CO
Logo, Map & Illustration: UUendy Lau

Exhibition & Event: Inter-Island Festival 2023
Period: 4 - 26 Nov 2023


Utilising natural elements like bamboo, soil and wood in Mui Wo and Peng Chau, 'Island Bee & Bee' initiative constructs new bee-houses which are dedicated to creating habitats for solitary bees on the islands. 

The project provides new dwellings for these buzzing inhabitants and offers us the opportunity to closely observe their lifestyle and understand their impact on both us and the ecosystem. Visitors can explore around the islands and find the bee-houses installed in various locations (such as farmlands, trees or village houses) that reflect the unique characteristics of each island. 


We have designed the maps that encourage visitors to embark on a self-directed tour, following the suggested trails where they can enjoy the company of solitary bees and learn more about their traits and features. Supplemented by illustrations and icons, participants will be guided to explore the surroundings, discovering the hidden world of bees and gaining a modest insight into their traits and features. 

Grab a map, and it will spark your curiosity and offer a humble glimpse into the lives of these unassuming pollinators.

The maps are accessible both online (available for free download), and offline (ready to be collected at Islander Space on Peng Chau.)


The logo we designed features a little, simple house which is reminiscent of the actual bee-house design, and it also represents a homey and welcoming habitat for our buzzing friends. 

At the heart of the logo is a bee, adorned with distinctive black and yellow stripes in a gentle, wavy pattern. This unique motif not only adds an organic touch but, more importantly, also symbolises the interconnectedness with islands and the sea. The logo design seeks to resonate the missions of the project and hopes to remind us of the interwoven relationship between human, wildlife and the environment.


The photos below show some of the early designs and experiments of installing the bee-houses. They support our research and inspirations when we designed the project's graphic materials. 

(The photos are provided by YIWOOO.CO and Lantau Shanto Studio.)