Landscapes on Peng Chau Island

2022 | Mini Installation | We the Shezi Living Festival: lóo-la̍t


“Landscapes on Peng Chau Island” is created by UUendy Lau as an artistic response to her research project and exhibit “Stories on Shezi Island” presented in the “We the Shezi Living Festival: lóo-la̍t” Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan. The art series consists of nine hand-painted artworks which reflect the island’s culture and philosophy of life through the artist’s interpretation, and serve as a first-time greeting as well as a thank-you gift to Shezi Island in Taiwan. It hopes to share with Taipei audiences the most genuine, ordinary and beautiful scenery of Peng Chau where the artist lives and calls home. 

The collection reminds us to slow down in our daily lives, and to observe, listen and seek ways to communicate with the people and living things around us. We can always find the bright side of our community, as long as we continue to explore and have a grateful heart. 


The original collection is exhibited in the Festival gallery alongside other artists' works. With a thoughtful intention to project curious comparisons and resemblances between the two cities - Hong Kong where the works were created, and Taipei where now displayed,  a set of official replicas is also made and installed on outdoor walls, fences and surfaces scattering around the neighbourhood of Shezi island.

01: Layers of Mountains at Dusk

02: Stones in Unique Shapes

03: The Cat That Always Asked for Treats

04: The Home-Grown Papaya That Didn’t Wither

05: The Chair Under the Trees Has Now Become Public

06: The Salted Fish Swayed in The Wind

07: The  Colourful Fallen Leaves During Autumn

08: The Meditative Wave Lines and Pattern

09: Doing Workouts in Front of The Sea


“We the Shezi Living Festival: lóo-la̍t” Exhibition
Period: 2 Oct - 31 Dec 2022

Venue: Shezi Island, Taiwan

Curated & Supported by: Fu Chou Community Development Association

Festival Website:

Artwork 1)
“Landscapes on Peng Chau Island” Mini Installation by UUendy Lau 

Artwork 2) 

“Stories on Shezi Island” Narrative Map by UUendy Lau

Onsite research by Tammy & Liu
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Shezi Island, situated in Shilin, Taipei, is an interesting, hybrid place housing rich history of agricultural development alongside nurturing local industrial businesses that bridge across several generation in the past few decades. The collision between the past and modern development of Shezi Island has sparked many critical discussions and reflections that have collectively contributed to shaping a more sustainable community.

(Inspiration: Landscape photos on Peng Chau captured by UUendy Lau.)


“We the Shezi Living Festival: lóo-la̍t”
Invited Artists:  Chang Po-Chien, UUendy Lau
Participating Artists:  Chang Yen-Tzu​, Chuan Teng-Shiang & Wu Pei-Shan​

Co-Curators: Sandra Hsu, Yi-Fen Jan, Iris Hung & Hsieh Mei-hua

Event Poster: Designed by Boa @ studio_shizi