2022 | Graphic & Installation | Tin Shui Wai Park Festival & Tin Library


We were invited by Tin Shui Wai Park Festival and Tin Library to create a community project “LET’S SMILE :)”. The project captures our precious moments and joyful times when visiting the Park. It includes a pop-up installation on pavilions and a series of workshops conducted earlier with schools, NGOs and residents in the neighbourhood.

When we had our first site-visit at Tin Shui Wai Park, our attention was instantly drawn to the little ‘windows’ on concrete columns. They looked like viewing frames that invite us to take a moment to pause, look inside and make new observations with curiosity. (We were not too sure if the window design came with any structural considerations, but we knew we had to create something to highlight this detailing and interact with visitors.)


The project and installation "LET's SMILE :)" engages visitors in multiple layers of interaction with the works – it features a few giant illustrations of selected personas installed on concrete columns, alongside showing several hand-painted mini wood board sculptures (that correspond to the illustration) inside the small windows. The design invites the audience to get closer and look for smiling faces which have often been covered by masks ever since the pandemic started.


Tin Shui Wai Park Festival 「爾後之庭|天水圍 元朗區公園節」

Period: 8-23 Jan 2022
Venue: Tin Shui Wai Park, Hong Kong
Curated by Tin Library, Jeff & Siu Yu.
Exhibition Production by Pointsman Art Creation.
Illustration & Wood Board Sculptures by UUendy Lau.

To know more, please visit www.ylparkfest.com

Serving as an inclusive playground and leisure place for all, Tin Shui Wai Park welcomes and engages the community of all ages and interests by providing a full range of facilities that support different activities and needs.


We designed the community workshops which included two sessions – Park Excursion and Wood-Board DIY. Participants were encouraged to use different senses (sight, hearing, touch and ‘heart’) when they visited the designated areas in the Park and made creative documentations. They were also guided to turn their observations into wood-board sculptures as part of the community edition that features a wider group of regular users whom they met or observed in the Park.

The wood-board creations were collectively assembled as three giant collage walls that were exhibiting in the Park. We had a great turnout receiving 300+ participants and their mini artworks.